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Use of SATSCAN®- where specified by any Authority as a requirement for scientific ground information, to provide strong and clear evidence as to a site’s suitability for development or redevelopment - brings up-front to each planning case an immediate, comprehensive, reliable Site Overview.

All clean unconstrained suitable sites for development are confirmed at once, or the identities, extents, and positions of Constraint Factors are identified, right at the start - such as Sink Holes, Archaeology, Boulders, Watercourses, Caves, Historic disturbances …

Such early evaluation of Ground Conditions enhances the planning evidence base, adding confidence and reducing project risk and costs exposure. It improves initial Submission Quality and thereby offers efficiency, pace of throughput, and costings gains.

It also enhances the vital Delivery Tests for new and emerging development sites, and improves certainty on Future Land Supply.

SATSCAN® is really useful not merely in Pre-Planning Application Assessments, in Planning Performance Agreements and in subsequent Planning Applications - ideally as a specified standardised requirement - but also in the evaluation of emerging sites in Local Plans, including Calls-for-Sites submissions. All appropriate confidentiality is assured.

Data provision is within just 5 days and needs no site attendance - a significant advantage from utilising upgrades of digital technologies, and communications; and greatly helping within a CoVid environment.

The SATSCAN® system offers economic, large, initial advantages over existing phasings and readiness processes. Planning Officers and other land professionals are starting to encourage the use by all of this reliable methodology - to highlight early a site’s freedom from or influence by ground constraints which have significant planning implications - speedy, qualitative, comprehensive, and economic to all.

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