Planning Permission on Yorkshire Border

Developer had optioned land near existing housing.  Scan showed medieval village remains, together with part of an older Roman villa, & old watercourses.  Together with the Planning Authority, the site was managed for Heritage & Archaeology without the need for unnecessary further excavations or trials.  Planning Application was amended by mutual co-operation & passed without additional Conditions.

The development was achieved possibly 6 months early with its construction less affected by seasonality.  A licensed H&A project was subsequently begun with the local History Society working with a University.

Industrial – Brownfield Site

Developer required analysis of a brownfield site in Greater London.  The Scan indicated the layout & positioning beneath the surface of older foundations, tank & spill locations & pilings – together with the likely content of the contamination.

3 x Treasure Troves in Kent

Landowner’s Scan in Kent identified 3x Treasure Troves at around 3 metres depth containing artefacts of precious metal, coinage & ceremonial weaponry.  Treasure Act applied & our partners Merlin Burrows acted with the landowner & coroner to recover.  Hoard was identified as approximately 1200 years old.

Ancient Settlement Located in East Anglia

University Archaeological Department requested time-saving assistance in locating key features of an ancient settlement in East Anglia.  Detailed Scan confirmed presence & the layout of all the archaeological remains.

Landholding Scans

Developer requested Scans across all landholdings (37 sites) in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire & Notts.