Scanning 4 Planning Ltd – The Team

Robert Gooda FCA

MD of S4P; & Entrepreneur – takes Tech & Property Companies to IPO or sale.

Robert has had serial exposure in the Property world over 35 years – in 4 countries and in multiple roles. He now heads up Scanning4Planning, bringing the SATSCAN® technology to property markets.

From Divisional Directorships with European Ferries and Lex Service to the family group portfolio as MD, his professional experience has been in the UK from the Southeast (Crawley, Gatwick, Lenham, Bognor, Bromley) to the Midlands (Leamington Spa, Stourbridge); and, heading employed JVs, in Germany in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Hamburg, in Spain with La Manga, and in the USA in Denver, Atlanta and Houston - covering all of Residential, Commercial, Leisure, and strategic Landbanking.

In the last decade he has taken 3 UK & European technology companies to sale; and still actively helps with the management of Innovate UK’s portfolio of R&D grant-funding, mostly in the Aerospace Engineering sector where over the last 7+ years he has guarded 49 projects with costs of £208m requiring his rolling approval of Government Grant funding of £115m.

Uncomfortable with the Planning processes in the UK, and conscious both of technology and of the Government’s declared intentions and targets, he and Bruce Blackburn consider S4P capable of future public investment interest. Robert has nursed its start-up from inception, based mostly on the Kent/Sussex border, and working with Bruce and the technical team out of Harrogate.

Robert has 2x grown daughters, triplet grandsons, and a teenage German son coming to the UK for A-levels. He’s a sportsman and a churchgoer, with petrolhead hobbies and charitable interests.

Bruce Blackburn BAHons

CEO of Merlin Burrows; & Servius – Business Consulting · Project Management · Finance Consulting · Financial Planning and takes Companies to IPO or sale.

Bruce, like many people operating in the modern world face challenges that are driven by permanent change - that's nothing new, but it is the pace at which the world is changing that can make it virtually impossible to keep up with everything that's going on which is why it so important to collaborate in the short, medium and long term with the right people at the right time.

Bruce, is at the forefront of change and is involved in the opportunities that will improve the lives of millions through very smart innovations - in a commercial context this usually involves the process of getting something from the garden shed to market or end user in a meaningful way - and this is what he spends most of his working time on.

Through his involvement with our innovation consultancy "BEOBACHT" he has the privilege of working with some of the leading innovators and investors in the world.